Retail and Point of Purchase

Encompassing many different categories of products, sizes, substrates, and uses, Retail / P.O.P. printing is all about "up close and personal advertising." With few exceptions, this group of media is in the window, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, on the shelf, or on the wall where the public is buying something. Whether it's a 50' x 100' mesh vinyl sky mural or a die-cut 3" x 5" card stock ceiling dangler, Vincent has the presses, the experience, the availability of substrates and the finishing capabilities to expertly produce and fulfill your order. Below are some of the more popular items in this category:

Window Clings are usually printed on either white or clear static cling vinyl, depending on whether the cling is to be viewed and applied from the outside or the inside of a store window. White cling is normally used for outside viewing and installations. Clear static cling is for inside installations, but outside viewing. Two-way viewing (from outside and inside, with inside installation) is accomplished by printing in reverse on the back side of clear cling, then backing that image up with several coats of white and printing "right reading" on the white, to be viewed from inside the store. Low-tack self adhesive vinyls, along with paper, card stock and even photographic film are also used for window signage.

Floor Graphics, an increasingly popular advertising form, must be printed on self adhesive vinyls specifically suited for application to different types of store or sidewalk floors. These vinyls are designed for adhering to either smooth surface tile floors, rough concrete floors or indoor carpet floors, and they must offer both durability, and ease of removal. At Vincent a skid-resistant over-laminate is always applied to floor graphics for safety. All of our floor graphics materials are certified for floor graphics applications.

Floor Graphics
Floor Graphics  Floor Graphics

Mall Displays are usually 40" x 50" or 47" x 69" and are printed on either styrene or photographic film called Kodak Professional Duratrans Display Material. Many of the mall print buyers insist upon the continuous tone of a Duratrans printed on Vincent's LightJet. Others, however, prefer mall displays on styrene, which Vincent prints on its flatbed digital press at high resolution.

Standees are usually life-size reproductions of celebrities, models, sport figures, or, in some cases, objects that are recognizable to the public. They are mounted to a cardboard stand and placed in prominent places to advertise or promote a particular happening or occasion. Vincent produces standees by either printing on enamel paper and mounting to corrugated board, or by printing directly on a rigid substrate like foam core, which delivers the needed rigidity. The printed figure is then die cut and mounted with an easel on the back. Vincent's flat bed digital press allows printing substrate versatility, since it can print directly on an already rigid surface. Standees can add an integral ingredient to retail and point of purchase advertising campaigns.

Photographic Prints, already mentioned under Mall Advertising, is the product of Vincent's LightJet 500XL. With it Vincent prints large format photographic film or paper much in the same way a photo lab develops you a picture. Our backlits and prints are printed on Kodak products, and they are truly continuous tone. These prints are of the highest degree of quality offered in large format printing, but their use is not limited to just large size printing. Photo prints are not only used as large high quality backlit posters, but are sometimes found on smaller wall-mounted menu boards, posters, window signs, fast food drive-through boards, corporate displays, slot machine icons and other casino displays. Photographic prints may be the choice for virtually any reproduction where photographic detail is especially important, and Vincent Printing is equipped to supply that need.


Photographic Prints

Photographic Prints  Phtographic Prints  Photographic Prints

In Store SignageIn-Store Signage encompasses quite a variety of printed products. Everything from ceiling danglers to shelf talkers, mobiles to product display signs, banner stand signs to literature holder signage, window clings to pole signs; all of these and many, many more make up in-store signage. Therefore a good P.O.P. printer not only can deliver an excellent printing job, but he must also be familiar with the hardware needed and the sources to supply those merchandising tools. At Vincent Printing we know our P.O.P.





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